Looking to get your new start up off the ground?

Looking to launch your business and set yourself free once and for all?

Start Up if for those of you who want to turn your paper napkin sketch into a flourishing business and beyond but haven’t quite manifested your dream into existence.


Starting a business, isn’t easy and the journey an entrepreneur embarks upon is fraught with challenges. As you start down your path, you’ll make decisions, major decisions that could affect you for a long time to come. It requires understanding of many issues and facets of business as you transform your business idea or concept into a fully-fledged business.


We’ll let you into a secret you’ll never know everything you’d ideally know, not on day 1, not on day 1001. Even if you’ve done it before it won’t be the same.

And that’s ok!

Let’s not kid ourselves starting a fast-growing business is challenging and it does require a depth of knowledge and variety of skills you may not have previously encountered.

You need to know enough to know what you don’t know

You need to know just enough to know what to ask

Just enough to take the next step.

And then there’s the “other” stuff..

– What is it that’s holding you back?

– What are you so afraid of?

– Who are you now, and who do you want to be?

– What are your motives?

– What are your passions?

– What do you want your future to look like?

– What are the values and ethics you want to bring to your business plan?

– How do you see money, is earning a fortune your prime motivation, does the idea of asking for money in exchange for your services fill you with dread or do you see money merely as a conduit to manifest your dreams?

– Does your idea fit the reality of both the marketplace and who you are?


No matter what type of business you’re starting – even a non-profit will need money, budgets, and controls in place to ensure that what comes in is greater than what goes out. It doesn’t have to be complicated it does need to be there if you’re going to survive for long.

Along the way to fulfilling the potential growth of your business you’ll encounter many issues, legals, financial, intellectual property, sales and marketing, competitive analysis, business plans, customers, employees as you examine all the different aspects that will make your business viable and get your product or service to market and create a thriving business.


Saffy provides practical advice, training, tools and templates for each stage of your start up journey we help.

Do you need a little bit of help turning your ideas and dreams into reality?

  • Membership Details

    • Frequency: monthly
    • Format: online
    • Content: Depending on relevance to topic may include: tools, templates, analysis, tips, industry reports, checklists, guides and many more.
    • Available: to download
    • Duration: Ongoing monthly
    • Fee: €7,99 monthly

Sad Fact Start Up

SAD FACT: Most failing businesses do not know

their financial situation until it’s (almost) too late.

Make sure you focus on managing cash flow to avoid

putting your business in imminent danger.

Stop admiring great entrepreneurs

and people who founded

their own business…

be one of them!

Stop admiring great entrepreneurs Start Up

Interest in starting a business is at an all-time high. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to be the next Uber or Airbnb, or you’re looking to purchase a business or franchise for the first time or you’re taking a hobby or passion to market, the road to success is paved with many obstacles as well as opportunities.


One major thing that holds back development everywhere is gender inequality; by Saffy helping female entrepreneurs with advice on starting and growing a business we aspire to empower women and improve the lives of everyone.


Are you finally ready to begin living the life you want?

It’s time for you to TAKE ACTION

Start Up focuses on tips and approaches to consider as you get going, as well as some hard-hitting practical guides. It builds on your ideas and helps to formalise your plans and focusing on what really matters – getting your ideas off the drawing board into the hands of your first target consumer and making sure they come back for more.


Each month we cover different topics making sure you find the competitive edge that takes you beyond that first purchase and enables you to stand out. Discover the fundamentals of implementing sufficient, well considered systems and processes to get your customer what they expect, first time and every time. Incorporate key fundamentals of financial control and revise the importance of maintaining a profit mentality.

“Of the small businesses that fail,

90% of them do so because

of a lack of knowledge and skills on the part of the owner”

Dunn and Bradstreet

Start Up is for new business owners who need good quality information delivered to them, in practical, easy to digest chunks.


Straightforward messages that resonate. Strategies that are meaningful to small, start-up businesses.


Big ideas that can transform your business – shrunk down into concentrated, bite sized packets that can be processed, communicated, and set into motion immediately.

Maybe you’re wondering how you can raise the money to get started?


– And whether you should keep on with the day job?


Do you want to start your journey on your own or with active business partners?


              –  What makes a good business partner and how should you approach them?


What’s important to your customers, what are they really looking for?


                                    – Is there such as thing as bad business?

Whatever the issue

blocking you from creating

your business and fulfilling

your potential our monthly

Start Up membership is for you

Whatever the Issue Start Up

Each Start Up monthly download is crammed with information and no-nonsense practical advice.

All delivered in easy to understand language so you can relate it directly to your business.

The content you receive is simply presented and intentionally thought provoking.

Saffy provides practical advice, training, tools and templates for each stage of your start up journey we help.

Month by month you'll gain more insight Start Up

Month by month you’ll gain more insight

and the confidence that comes from

having a growing wealth of

tips and concepts at your fingertips.

  • Proven approaches and practices that have been real world tested to blend the why and the how.
  • All delivered directly to you each month, so you end up with a complete
  • How to Start Your Business

  • A virtual library of everything you need to know as you learn how to create a real company that earns you real money and generates real satisfaction.

– Have you set a date to launch if you don’t set a date you’ll just delay?

– Have you got a formalised plan in place?

– How will you achieve and sustain your competitive advantage over time?

Especially in these turbulent times,

if you’re going to build a vibrant,

thriving business you need to be

crystal clear who you are and what you

stand for and everyone in the

company has to be part of it.

Turbulent times Start Up
Whether you aspire to own a business Start Up

Whether you aspire to start a

business or already own one,

what choice can you make,

and action can you take in

this moment to add the greatest net value?

Make 2020 the most extraordinary year of your business,


this is your time,


if you want to grab it


get off to the right start


by joining the Start Up members today


and making sure 2020 is a year to remember for all the right reasons






  • START UP gains you the sound business knowledge and practical entrepreneurial expertise you need to start and run your own business. From kitchen table to real life CEO
12,99Monthly - Includes Start Up

  • GROW UP is about smoothing and accelerating your transition from stable new business through your growth period, ironing out the speed bumps – before you hit them.
17.99Monthly - Includes all three

  • BUILD UP develops your leadership capacity, operational foundations and prepares your business to be future ready and strategically aligned with the customer insight to shine.


Why our members choose us as the go to resource to help grow their business


Direct access to strategies and tactics that develop and maintain the success of your business


The security of knowing the answers to your business challenges are only a click away


Easy to understand guides and business know-how; with real world relevance you can apply now


Downloadable content available 24/7 to give you the answers you need, when you need them


Expert training and exceptional business courses included, with regular new content and updates


Options to request specific topics for future content that keeps your business current and informed


Premium resources to empower your strategic capabilities and leverage market opportunities


Deep dive explorations of key topics, underpinned with solid, academic theory

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