After everything we’ve been through, how can you still launch your new business?

We’re launching the Saffy.biz 100 Club now exactly BECAUSE we’re living in unprecedented times and we ALL need to make changes.


For the last few months, we’re hearing more and more from “wannabe” business owners and entrepreneurs who are done with talking about their ideas yet, for whatever reasons, still haven’t taken the final actions needed to actually launch. We believe that, for many people, this moment is different. That having experienced lockdowns and loss they finally know it’s time to make that change.

It’s time to take control of your own destiny and take that first step to financial freedom.

The world we live in moving at warp speed. The business landscape is shifting fast and those changes give people, like you, who are looking to launch a new business now some unprecedented opportunities.


Our plan was to open entries for next years’ Saffy.biz 100 Club later in the year and start the programme in January 2023, but we know you can’t wait around until then and because we want you to learn exactly how to launch your own business and take back control now and your time is now.


Obviously, there are also a few unprecedented obstacles and we’re not in the business of unicorns. Some markets are doing better than others. Some are ripe for disruption from new upstarts just like you. Others may never fully recover. You can take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity.


Even if you’ve had a business before, what worked then most likely won’t work now. Your message, marketing and delivery channels may need to pivot because where we look, how we communicate, and how we buy has changed. For everyone, everywhere.


Join Saffy.biz 100 Club to have an opportunity with unique access to 1000’s of euros of insight, knowledge and material that will set you on the road to business success with everything you need to know for just a fraction of the price.

If you want to join us at 100 Club and make 2023 the year you finally turn talk into action, then this is your chance to hitch the ride of your life. Surrounded by expert advice, support, and others just like you. Here you can finally take the action to launch your dreams.


Now when we say action that doesn’t mean you have to head off tomorrow morning and quit your job. It does mean getting real about that idea and putting in the work needed to get it off the ground, creating that first, initial version of your product or service and getting it out there and turn your dream idea into a viable venture.


You don’t have to be good to start. You do have to start to be good.

If you’re feeling uncertain about the future and you want to take back control this is for you.

The 100 Club is so called because it’s an epic 100-day journey one that will transform your life and who you are forever. Join us and for 100 days – with or without quitting your job – we will guide you through everything you need to launch your product or service in 100 action packed days.


Whether your dream involves a service business, physical product, digital product, or expert authority we want to help you build a profitable business that uniquely reflects you. Whatever it is you want to sell we’ll give you a roadmap, action plans, tools, progress tracking and access to an elite community that’ll hold your hand and hold you to account every step of the way – allfor less than the price of a coffee a day.


So, if you’re ready, you can jump start the business you’ve been dreaming of… please join us for this unique 100-day journey.

PRICE: 99€

100 CLUB

Become your own boss – it’s a lot simpler than you think.
Take the first step to financial freedom by joining 100 Club


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    Direct access to strategies and tactics that develop and maintain the success of your business


    The security of knowing the answers to your business challenges are only a click away


    Easy to understand guides and business know-how; with real world relevance you can apply now


    Downloadable content available 24/7 to give you the answers you need, when you need them


    Expert training and exceptional business courses included, with regular new content and updates


    Options to request specific topics for future content that keeps your business current and informed


    Premium resources to empower your strategic capabilities and leverage market opportunities


    Deep dive explorations of key topics, underpinned with solid, academic theory

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