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We’re here to help businesswomen deliver real business results. That means providing the depth and breadth of business knowledge you need – at your fingertips. We believe every businesswoman should have access to the tools and resources they need to build, grow and lead a sustainable business. Our job is to make sure everything you need is here for you, as and when you need it. Saffy is a sort of “one stop shop” for business leaders and female entrepreneurs to access cutting edge materials. Providing insight to a wide range of business challenges.  A resource for our members, to be inspired by innovative thinking and supported by access to tools, templates and training; from Strategy to Social Media, Business Models to Bookkeeping, Innovation to Investment.


Downloadable content available 24/7 to give you the answers you need, when you need them

As you launch your business, and watch it grow in an ever-changing world, discover tools to unlock exceptional performance. Learn new moves to create and maintain your competitive edge. Explore how innovative approaches and techniques deliver quick wins and set you up for long term success. Downloadable, on demand content with frequently updated insights and regular features covering all the topics that matter most to your business.

Strategies and tactics to develop and maintain success in your business

Gain insight to key strategies and tactics for developing every area of your business. Video workshops, templates, guides and practical examples that explore key topics for start-ups and small business owners. Delve into exciting concepts, practical applications and best practice for marketing, finance and operations. Expert led, targeted training and business courses delivered at the times and speed to suit your needs, your schedule and your business.

Expert training and exceptional business courses all included, with new content every month

Explore our deep dive intensives that examine the most critical and complex issues facing small businesses. As new challenges and opportunities arise, they are probed and translated to commercially relevant and practical insight so you can act from a foundation of strength. Significant trends and cutting-edge ideas are scrutinised and interpreted to gain clarity and then harnessed to meet the needs of you and your customers.

Premium resources to build your skills and business knowledge

Set your business apart and accelerate your leadership potential. Draw on the latest neuroscience and renowned experts to build your influence, motivate and inspire others. Define the questions that will drive the future of your industry. Maintain a laser-like focus and forge the resilience to overcome obstacles so you can confidently lead your organisation to bold new heights. Evolve your own personal development at the speed of light.

Easy to understand guides and business know how with real world relevance you can apply now

Every month new business concepts are explored, questions answered and practical “How to” materials shared. Each supported by templates and tips plus warnings to make you aware of potential pitfalls and obstacles. All backed by the latest research and the option to deep dive into the academic theories and ideas behind the business trends.



Start and develop a profitable business

  • Get on the right track to achieve results fast!
  • Define success
  • Formulate strategies
  • Develop your plan
  • Secure initial funding
  • Find the customers you need to survive
  • Deliver sustainable competitive advantage


Accelerate your growth

  • Boost your business performance
  • Shape your company’s future
  • Upgrade your strategy, tactics and metrics
  • Prepare your structures, governance and finance for scale
  • Attract more of the right customers
  • Meet the digital challenge


Secure your future

  • Capitalize on new opportunities
  • Deep dive into the art and science of digital marketing
  • Leverage new and existing technologies
  • Strengthen your leadership skills
  • Build better processes and systems
  • Excel at the day to day


Why our members choose us as the go to resource to help grow their business


Direct access to strategies and tactics that develop and maintain the success of your business


The security of knowing the answers to your business challenges are only a click away from you


Easy to understand guides and business know-how; with real world relevance you can apply now


Downloadable content available 24/7 to give you the answers you need, when you need them


Expert training and exceptional business courses included, with regular new content and updates


Options to request specific topics for future content that keeps your business current and informed


Premium resources to empower your strategic capabilities and leverage market opportunities


Deep dive explorations of key topics, underpinned with solid, academic theory to support your decisions

Exploring the business-critical issues impacting your business and considering the people, processes and profits that drive your everyday.

Providing Solutions for all.

Explore by topic

We bring you the exact information you are looking for,  key topics underpinned with academic theory

What others say about Saffy

We’re proud that as a team we’ve helped thousands of people from dozens of companies who’ve trusted us to develop their people, processes and profits.

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