Finance & Funding

There’s a lot to keep in mind when it comes to small business finance and funding. As a founder or entrepreneur making sure that you have really good financial insight and a clear vision of your financial progress is a vital part of staying the distance and securing a solid base for your business growth.

Get customers to pay invoices on time-post

Get your customers to pay your invoices on time. Late payments or non-payments can be life and death to a small business. Read our top 9 ways to get paid.

Depending on the stage your business is at you maybe looking for different types and amounts of small business funding. Discover a quick look at alternative funding sources for your needs.

Sales forecasts are crucial for all businesses, at every stage. Given their far-reaching impact, it’s crucial that the information contained in your sales forecast is an accurate a reflection of the future.

Venture Capital; Raising the Stakes

How venture capital works for female entrepreneurs

Speaking the Language of Finance

Part 1: Where to begin when you need that breakeven analysis


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