How to decide which business idea to pursue

How to decide which business idea to pursue

One of the great things about those with an entrepreneurial mindset is having a lot of great business ideas but we all know that the true entrepreneurs amongst us are those who take their business ideas and make them real.

Trouble is when you have multiple ideas it’s not always obvious which idea you should pursue.

Some of the reasons often quoted for starting your own business are to give you freedom, flexibility, more money and longer vacations. All wonderful things, that are beneficial. That we not only want in our life they are actually good for us to have in our lives.

To determine which new business idea to pursue, look at each idea in turn and decide which, if any, you would be prepared to sacrifice all those for. What is it that you’d be willing to sacrifice everything for?

  • No vacations
  • No money
  • No free time
  • No flexibility

Which is the one business idea you have, that you’d be willing to give all that up for?

What is that one idea and why is it so important to you that it would drive you so hard you’d be willing to sacrifice all the things you want more of, in order to achieve it?

When you find the one business idea that you’d be willing to sacrifice all your dreams of great vacations, more money, additional freedom and increased flexibility to see it manifested into reality, and you understand why that is, you have your winner.

Then you need to take the first step, quickly, it can be anything but take at least one positive, physical action, make the first step forwards. The first step to making it real and becoming an entrepreneur with your own successful business. But please remember whilst you might be willing to sacrifice everything; a work life balance is the fuel to your success.



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