Leading an established business can be all-consuming, lonely, and stressful. 

Especially when navigating never before encountered situations. 

– Are you ready to adjust to new realities, clients and demands?


– Do you want to lead your team to bigger, better things?


– Is your business is fully aligned, responsive and been delivering impeccable results?


– Are the key roles and the individuals who lead your business future equipped to succeed now and going forward?


– Do you have models in place to boost your organizations’ performance?


– Are you rigorously measuring and effectively managing the cultural elements that drive performance?


– Do you need to transform and reinvent the culture of your organization?


– Are you fast enough and flexible enough to weather the storm and emerge stronger?

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New business models are emerging and

sparking the innovations that will define tomorrow.

Today’s leaders face an ever-changing set of challenges and provide input on a broad range of topics, such as strategy, M&A, technology, culture, talent, resilience, and external communications. In addition to all that it’s still necessary to keep track of legal, regulatory, audit, compliance, risk, and performance reporting.

Any one of these things could keep you occupied full time if you delve too deep, no other role has such a profound view over so much of the business. And even that’s not all. Most successful businesses that fail due to disruption isn’t down to the tech involved – they’re leadership issues because they didn’t have a set of leaders in place who could play multiple games simultaneously. Together.

The fresh thinking that led you to success is not where it ends.

Replace breakout wildcard thinking with a rigid devotion to what you think got you there and you’ll

get stuck in the lethal quagmire of the status quo.

Sad Fact Build Up

SAD FACT: Many “successful companies” stop

adapting to what customers want.

They fail to execute, fail to get things done,

fail to adapt to people’s needs. The road to recovery

if it’s even possible is hard and long.

SO it’s better to avoid it.

Have you conquered the basics of business

and led your business to mid-sized success story

and now you’re seeking regular access to more

advanced thinking about your

most challenging business problems?

Have you conquered the basics of business Build Up

Are you living in a strategy vacuum?

Decisions made and strategy determined at C Level meetings fail to translate or never make it to key daily activities. Programmes of work that are both agreed and started are quickly derailed by lack of financial support and resources, commercial realities, or silent neglect by naysayer stakeholders some of whom, may even have supported the strategy in the boardroom vote.

The reports say your customers like things as it is …and yet somehow that’s not what you’re seeing.


People around you are dwelling, and you know that’s not a good strategy.


Or, ideas are bountiful, and you hear yourself joking about how wonderful it is having so many to feed into incubation but still nothing makes it to the streets. Or the incubation is great, and it all falls short when you have to sacrifice short term profits for the reality of the serious resources required to scale.

The things we fear the most in organizations- fluctuations, disturbances, imbalances

 – are the primary sources of creativity.”

Margaret Wheatley

Build Up is for business owners who need good quality information delivered to them, in practical, easy to digest chunks.


Straightforward messages that resonate. Strategies that are meaningful to leaders of established businesses.


Big ideas that can transform your business – shrunk down into concentrated, bite sized packets that can be processed, communicated, and set into motion immediately.

You’ve spent time getting great processes in place to grow your business?


– Now you want to be sure they’re not ruling you?


Your business is based on relationships with employees, customers, suppliers, distributors, and stakeholder?


 – Now you’re worried some, or all of them aren’t a good fit for the future?


Your corporate values are the guiding stars that shaped your culture?


– Now some of those enduring values are shifting towards dogma as they’re

applied to new world scenarios?

Whatever the issues your business faces

monthly Build Up membership is for you.

Objective resources, insights, advice, and tools

that equip you to focus on the issues and

opportunities that truly matter today.

Whatever the issues your business faces Build Up

Each Build Up monthly download is crammed with information and no-nonsense practical advice.

All delivered in easy to understand language so you can relate it directly to your business.

The content you receive is simply presented and intentionally thought provoking.

Build Up will guide you to really consider:

  • What you’re doing now?
  • Why you’re doing it?
  • What you actually want to achieve..and how to take your business there?
Build Up is home for business leaders Buikd Up

Build Up is home for business leaders

who wish to innovate, drive growth,

and build value.

You’ve spent your entire life getting to be CEO.

Now own it!

  • Whilst a good strategy should set a future goal and call out the necessary activities and investment to achieve it, it’s a mistake to believe that future estimates will be accurate. Especially now! Scenario planning with low-high ranges of investment and elapsed time will improve the speed and reduce the cost of your revised strategic planning.

Break through and building the new world that’s possible for your business takes courage, boldness, motivation, and knowledge. It also takes awareness, seeking advice, listening, planning, flexibility, trust, empathy and consistent communication.

Leadership now is about acknowledging you’ve probably been entirely or partially blindsided by the pandemic, assessing the risks and opportunities and making sure your leadership team has focus on the right things, such as direction, goals, markets, customers, your offerings and the plans that emerge. Then it’s about making sure that it’s followed, executed, and measured. That you communicate continuously test fast, fail fast and adapt fast.

For some this will be business as usual, for most it won’t.

“Don’t be afraid to take big steps when one is indicated.

You can’t cross a chasm in two small jumps.”

David Lloyd George

“Don’t be afraid to take big steps when one is indicated Build Up
When times are bad, Build Up

When times are bad,

great women stand up to lead.

While others take flight or play dead

they gather their team around them and together rise up,

BUILD UP and kick some ass.

Truly great leadership always starts on the inside.

this is this your time,

if you want to grab it

and build the new future

tap into the what and how

by joining the Build Up members today

and make sure 2020 is a year to remember for all the right reasons






  • START UP gains you the sound business knowledge and practical entrepreneurial expertise you need to start and run your own business. From kitchen table to real life CEO
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  • GROW UP is about smoothing and accelerating your transition from stable new business through your growth period, ironing out the speed bumps – before you hit them.
17.99Monthly - Includes all three

  • BUILD UP develops your leadership capacity, operational foundations and prepares your business to be future ready and strategically aligned with the customer insight to shine.


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