The first question to you is:

what are you pretending not to notice about your business?

Think about it.

Because, whatever it is – it’s probably costing you a lot more than you realise.

And, the chances are you know exactly what it is…and it’s what causing

that feeling in your stomach.

It’s time to get real with yourself about your business

and deal with the growing pains so you can get onto the real growth part.

    • By implementing profit boosting strategies
    • By gaining a business advantage your competitors can’t duplicate
    • By building a winning team culture
    • By becoming a master of your numbers
    • By meeting the needs of your stakeholders
    • By driving productivity and efficiency for self, team and business
    • By controlling the factors that drive profits in your business

Any one of these things can help you do better at business. Master all of them and you’ll soon find yourself in a completely transformed business with greater profits and far less of your direct involvement so you can stop working in your business and finally get to work on your business.

  • Membership Details

    • Frequency: monthly
    • Format: online
    • Content: Depending on relevance to topic may include: tools, templates, analysis, tips, industry reports, checklists, guides and many more.
    • Available: to download
    • Duration: Ongoing monthly
    • Fee: €12,99 monthly
    • (includes Start Up as a monthly bonus)


                Growing your business is where the journey begins…Not where it ends.


SAD FACT: The overwhelming majority of businesses fail.

Not the ones that never get off the ground.

Proper established businesses that are doing ok and trading.

The majority of them still fail.

When your business has been doing pretty well,

but now you’ve reached that plateaux;

you know it’s time,

you know you need to do something now

before that eventual and inevitable slide.

Plateau do something new-GROW UP

Especially if, like the overwhelming majority of businesses, you look closely and realise you’ve created a

glorified job for yourself.


A lot of small business owners, mistakenly, believe that just working harder and following common sense

will see them to the next stage. It’s a commonly held belief that unfortunately is not born out by the

failure rates.

if it feels as though you are busier than ever… and yet are somehow earning less.

You know something is wrong and it needs to change

Or, business is booming, and you hear yourself joking about how wonderful it is having the freedom and flexibility to plan how you fit in those 70-80 hour work weeks.

“Of the small businesses that fail,

90% of them do so because

of a lack of knowledge and skills on the part of the owner”

Dunn and Bradstreet

Grow Up is for business owners who need good quality information delivered to them, in practical, easy to digest chunks.


Straightforward messages that resonate. Strategies that are meaningful to small, growing businesses.


Big ideas that can transform your business – shrunk down into concentrated, bite sized packets that can be processed, communicated and set into motion immediately.

Maybe you’re frustrated that your brand is simply not standing out enough?

– So you’re not generating the sales you’d like?

Possibly you need to discover more about effective pricing of your products?

– Because you’re not maximizing the value of an existing brand?

Whatever the issue is that’s

stalling your business growth,

this monthly Grow Up membership is

for you

It’s for YOU - Grow Up

Each Grow Up monthly download is crammed with information and no-nonsense practical advice.


All delivered in easy to understand language so you can relate it to your business.


The content you receive is intentionally thought provoking.


Grow Up will guide you to really consider:

  • What you’re doing now
  • Why you’re doing it
  • What you actually want to achieve… and how to get there?
Month by Month gain insight-Grow Up

Month by month you’ll gain more insight

and the confidence that comes from

having a growing wealth of

tips and concepts at your fingertips.

  • Proven approaches and practices that have been real world tested to blend the why and the how.
  • All delivered directly to you each month, so you end up with a complete
  • How to Grow Your Business

  • a virtual library of everything you need to know

  • to propel your business to the next level

  • Ask yourself how much progress has your business made in the last 3 months?
  • How are you going to adapt and regain traction after the upheavals of recent times?
  • What steps are you taking to control where your business is going rather than relying on luck?

In these turbulent times more and more

women are standing up and out; being

recognised as shining examples of leadership in

the world today.

Turbulent times stand up as leader Grow Up
Emerge as leader - Grow Up

It’s from times of trouble that

great leaders emerge,

and great businesses are forged,

and yours can be one of them.

Make 2020 the most extraordinary year of your business,


this is your time,


if you want to grab it


and grow to the next level


tap into the what and how


by joining the Grow Up members today


and making sure 2020 is a year to remember for all the right reasons


Why our members choose us as the go to resource to help grow their business


Direct access to strategies and tactics that develop and maintain the success of your business


The security of knowing the answers to your business challenges are only a click away


Easy to understand guides and business know-how; with real world relevance you can apply now


Downloadable content available 24/7 to give you the answers you need, when you need them


Expert training and exceptional business courses included, with regular new content and updates


Options to request specific topics for future content that keeps your business current and informed


Premium resources to empower your strategic capabilities and leverage market opportunities


Deep dive explorations of key topics, underpinned with solid, academic theory

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